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With so many sources of information and apps for travelers out there it can be overwhelming. Below are some of my favorites.   

Trip Planning and Apps

Planning a trip can be daunting for some people, but there are plenty of tools out there.  And once you are on the road, which tools are the most helpful?  Here are a few of my favorites.  

Uruguay Travel

Uruguay is a wonderful travel destination, but it's not always easy to find helpful information in English.  Here are a few of the best sources.

LGBT Travel and Life Abroad

There's an ever increasing amount of information and resources available for the LGBTQ traveler.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  

Slow Travel

Slow travel is a movement.  Similar to the slow food concept, it's about taking the time to focus on a more localized travel experience and reduce negative impacts on the environment.  

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Links and Resources
Travel Planning 

Guidance:  Start by envisioning the trip you want to take, including your approximate budget, the duration, and the type of things you want to do (or not do).  This will help you determine a destination and begin planning your travel.  I find the following resources very helpful.


For exploring and planning:

The Culture Trip - I really like the site.  Amazing collection of stories from a range of authors.  Content tends to focus on very local and unique experiences.  

For flights, hotels, and cars:

Hipmunk - Because I am a creature of habit, this is my standby for searching airfares and hotels. Also has an app version.

Skycanner - Helpful for searching flights, hotels and car rentals.  The app is easy to use.

For organizing your trips:

Google Trips - Great for ease of use and integrated with gmail.  Also provides options for day trips with transit times and opening hours of specific locations. 

Trip It - Offers comprehensive planning and itinerary organization.

For sharing your trips (in addition to your broad social media platform of choice):

TraveLibro: I like this app because it makes it easy to create a trip, share photos and videos, and link friends.

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Uruguay Travel 

Guidance:  There in an increasing amount of information in English about travel to Uruguay, but it can still be a challenge to find detailed information.  You'll need to do some research and don't hesitate to make contact via email or social media sites.  The following are very helpful.

Guru'Guay - This is a must-visit source for your visit to Uruguay.  Rich with information from a local perspective.  The guru also operates a wonderful gay-friendly guesthouse in Montevideo's Old Town - Casa Sarandí.

The Culture Trip Uruguay - With over 140 items referencing Uruguay, you'll find plenty of ideas for planning your visit.

Uruguay Natural  - Hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay.

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LGBT Travel and Life Abroad 

Guidance:  While LGBT travelers are just as diverse as the overall population in terms of travel preferences, there are a few additional things we need to take into consideration, especially security.  There is also the opportunity to travel with other like-minded people.  The information and options available continue to grow as the rainbow traveler gains visibility. - Great source for travel information, including hotels and cruises.

IGLTA - The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association provides a wealth of information from trips to blogs

Globalgayz - Provides information on gay-friendly travel globally, with a focus on human rights.

ManAboutWorld - A digital magazine full of helpful information.  They also publish the comprehensive LGBTQ Guide to Travel Safety

Spartacus International Gay Guide - This is focused more on the gay male traveler, but they also publish the Gay Travel Index, which ranks countries on a range of issues covering legislation, security, and health. Download their app as well.

Blogs n' Instagays:

Nomadic Boys - Prolific social media stars, with tips and content from around the world.  I like their series of interviews with local residents who happen to be gay. Oh, and they share recipes too!

They also recently provided a list of LGBT instagrammers to follow in 2018 - but don't forget to follow me on Instagram.

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Slow Travel 

Guidance:  If you want to change the way you experience travel, try slowing down.  Choose a place, learn a bit about it beforehand, and then spend time there to fully absorb the local culture and environment. You might find some inspiration in the following.

SmarterTravel - Good site full of info and tips on traveling at a different pace.

Traveling Bytes - Blog covering lengthier stays in specific locations, as well as local cultural issues. 

Slow Movement - Here's a blog on slow travel as part of the slow movement.

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