Georgia = Gorgeous

I'm talking about the country not the state; although the Peach State is also gorgeous. While living in Ukraine, we spent a long Thanksgiving weekend in Georgia. Nothing better than a feast of delicious Georgian food to celebrate one of our favorite US holidays....

Summary: Figure out a way to visit Georgia. It's worth the effort.

Because our time was limited to four days, we decided to rely on the convenience of booking everything through Rooms Hotel Tbilisi a member of Design Hotels with a property in the capital of Tbilisi, and another up in the mountain town of Stepantsminda (Rooms Hotel Kazbegi). The hotel arranged transport between the properties, which turned out to be wise given the twisting road over a snowy mountain pass with a massive backlog of trucks waiting to cross into Russia.

Tbilisi is a beautiful city occupying a mountain valley and boasting numerous historical and contemporary points of interest. The soviet era subway system is a convenient way to get around and worth at least one ride. The Rooms hotel is stunning – centrally located in the Vera district in a former publishing house with a design that feels like steam punk mixed with vintage.

There are thousands of interesting destinations outside of the capital, from the towering Caucasus mountains to the shores of the Black Sea. After two days in Tbilisi we transferred to Stepantsminda, a 2.5 hour drive away. The Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is amazing, equipped with large public spaces to take in the spectacular views. Many rooms have a view of Kazbegi mountain and the ancient Gergeti Trinity Church high above the valley. In town you can hire a driver to take you up to the church – just be prepared for a harrowing ride...

Rainbow rating (out of 5) - 🌈🌈: Although Georgian society remains relatively conservative, we never felt uncomfortable or in danger. Laws exist prohibiting discrimination, reflecting Georgia's increasingly close relationship with the European Union. However, it's not a place where open displays of affection are accepted.


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